Calgon, Take Me Away

Married to Zombiefodder and sister to Fupher. Love anime and Cosplay and really need to grow up. Currently take Japanese class and Tae Kwon Do, am a member of Triangle Taiko group, and staff member for Animazement. Trying to live a little life before there is no life to live.

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If you want to watch for my doujinshi, you don't need to friend me. Just go over and watch yes_rhade_djs. Thanks a lot if you are looking for my work.

I have now made this a "Friends Only" Journal. But if you want to friend me, let me know. I don't say anything important or interesting, I usually discuss my children, anime or manga. Pretty boring, actually...

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Eiji is love.

Kaidoh is love.
by beckymarie

by lazy_princess

Lazy!Shikamaru is great ♡

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