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I have now made this a "Friends Only" Journal. But if you want to friend me, let me know. I don't say anything important or interesting, I usually discuss my children, anime or manga. Pretty boring, actually...
Another day of Animazement fun. Have I mentioned I have no life right now? I don't mind at all, it is great fun to organize and plan, but when it's the first time, I am freaking that I am doing everything right.

I have a ton of great friends who have shared with me color pics of my Penis Pillows from last year's Yaoi*Con.

was in the Nase fanbook and I really, really hope that someone scanlates the Nase-sensei representation of Yaoi*Con. She drew about 8 pages of Yaoi*Con, and it just looks SOOOO adorable!

sandyroodle was kind enough to do a quick translation of what was written around my picture for me because I was worried nase-sensei may have hated it! Sandy says it says - "the person who made these two gave one to sensei as a present. She got the other one signed and lovingly took it home"

Happy Birthday Petapepy

Thanks for all that you do to keep giving us the wonderfulness of Tezuka and Fuji and their love. May you be able to continue to bring us the great joy of PoT love for many years to come.